The TMVFD Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the fire station. The purpose of the board is to manage, operate and control this corporation (fire department); control and management of all corporate assets; authorize contracts for purchases, repairs and supplies; set rules and regulations for the corporation; and approve applications for memberships. The Board of Directors is made up of three community members who live in the fire departments response area and three firefighters, the seventh member is the fire chief who is automatically a member. Elections are held annually on the third Thursday in September at 7 pm.

Fire Chief - David S. Martin Secretary / Community Member Chris Negley  
President / Community Member - Edward Rider Treasurer / Community Member -Gary Martin  
Vice President / Assistant Chief Jeff Thaxton Firefighter Elliott Tawney  
Firefighter - James Hill    


Office Associate  Karen Jones

Office Associate Joyce Sherman  

Line Officers

David S. Martin Chief
Jeff Thaxton Assist Chief
Cecil Pritt Capt
ElliottTawney Lt
Robert Kessler Lt.
Justin Alford Training Officer
Randy McGrew 1st Responder Capt.

Fire & EMS

Charles Adkins Firefighter
Jacob Casto Firefighter
Joshua Cobb Firefighter
Katlyn French Firefighter
Ryan Godbey Firefighter
James Hill Firefighter / EMT-B
Josh Good Firefighter
Daniel Keffer Firefighter
Chris Kendall Firefighter
James Kyle Firefighter / EMT-B
Zach Liston Firefighter / EMT-B
David M. Martin Firefighter
Ryan McFarland Firefighter
Jamie Neal Firefighter
Nick Robinson Firefighter