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Recovering from a fire may take a long time and many of the things you have to do will be new to you. If you are not insured, your recovery from a fire loss most likely will be dependent upon your own resources. It is hoped that this information will assist in reducing your losses and help speed your return to a normal lifestyle.

We would like to answer some questions you might have about our fire operations and procedures.

  1. Was it really necessary to break the windows and put holes in the roof?
    Answer: As a fire burns, it moves upward, then outward. Removing windows and cutting holes in the roof, ventilation in firefighting terms, stops that damaging outward movement of smoke and heat and enables us to locate potential victims, and fight the fire more efficiently, resulting in less damage in the long run. This procedure also reduces the risk of serious injury to firefighters.
  2. Why did the firefighters put holes in the walls and ceiling?
    Answer: They had to be absolutely sure there was no “hidden” fire inside the walls, ceilings and partitions.
  3. How do our firefighters get alarmed of fire?

Answer: They all have been issued radio pagers, that when Kanawha Metro Dispatch sets off a tone it activates the pager creating it to sounds off with a beep or some models vibrate then a voice comes through with the alarm address and type of alarm. You can find more information here about pagers.

  1. How much do our firefighters get paid for fighting a fire or a rescue call?

Answer: They get paid nothing . We are an all-volunteer based fire department.

  1. When do you do training?

Answer: We train every Monday night at seven PM, and whenever there is a weekend fire school, like Kanawha County Fire School or Putnam an County Fire School. We also have specialized classes that we get from RESA III and WVU Fire Extension. We invite other Fire Departments too join in as well.

  1. My kid is so fascinated by fire trucks, can I bring him by to just look around?

Answer: Yes by all means, the Tyler Mountain Volunteer Fire Department is owned by the community and you are welcome to stop by any tim. Ask a fire fighter to give you a tour but we do ask if there is an emergency going on to come back at a safer time. This reasoning is for your safety and ours. Monday night at 7pm is a great time for tours. See Monday Night Drill for more information.

  1. What do I do after the fire?

Answer: Recovering from a fire may take a long time and many of the things you have to do will be new to you. We have made a page for you to follow to help you after the fire.

  1. What are the Burning Regulations?

Answer: Burning Season is during the spring and fall. Those dates are March 1 to May 31 then October 1 to December 31. During these months you can ONLY burn from 5pm to 7am. You may burn only vegetative material (leaves, twigs etc) and never may trash be burned. Also, you must stay with any fire until it is completely out.

  1. How do I book the Community Building?

Answer: Information on how to book the community building can be found here.

  1. How do I join the fire department as a member?

Answer: Information on how to join the fire department can be found here.

  1. What is a Knox Box?

Answer: The Tyler Mt Vol. Fire Department has started a new system for local business owners. The Knox Box is a small metal box that attaches to the outside of your business. It is very secure and impossible to break into. Inside this box a business owner places a door key. This box is set up to open with a key that is only carried by the Tyler Mt Vol. Fire Department. Why? This gives us the ability to enter the business when the fire alarm is going off without having to wait for the key holder. For more information please call 304-776-7963 and the Fire Chief will return your call.

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