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How to Join

We are an all-volunteer fire department. This means that no one receives money for work. We do get the simple gratification of helping our friends and neighbors in our community.

What is needed to join:

Must be 18 years of age.
Must live in the response area of the Tyler Mountain Fire Department
Must have a valid drivers license.
Meet with the chief to receive your application.

After you join, you will be trained in several classes or if you have been a member of another fire department you will need the basic classes before responding on first-due apparatus.

If you would like to join:

Click the link below and a PDF Application will open.

Click Here for Printable Application
Fill in your information and email to:

or feel free to Print it and do any of the following:

Bring it to the Fire Station on Monday Night between 7pm and 9pn and speak to our fire chief

or You can bring it into the Fire Station at any time and leave it in the Mail Box inside the Fire Station door.

or Mail it to :

TMVFD Fire Chief

P.O. Box 7537

Cross Lanes WV 25356

If you have NO way to Print Application from our site You can also come out on any Monday Evening between 7pm and 9pm and pick up an application.